Leaderosity, a customizable online training platform, can help your nonprofit organization maximize the effectiveness of your talent development budget, allowing you to reach a whole new level of impact.

"I was amazed how well the training material was planned and presented. They incorporated a variety of training methods (articles, videos, online tests, resources) for the lesson. The material was current, interesting and informative."

—Current Leaderosity Partner


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Effective training is fundamental to creating high-performing teams. Traditional training methods present challenges:

  • Barriers to bringing together remote staff
  • Inconsistently delivered content
  • Failure to encompass all learning modalities
  • Poor retention of content
  • Unsustainable expense

Leaderosity allows organizations to stretch their talent development budgets, delivering exceptionally effective online learning at a fraction of the price of traditional in-person trainings. Our team of online education experts will do the heavy lifting – while your organization reaps the benefits of having well-trained staff and volunteers.




Unleash the Power of Know.

We are obsessed with...Creating a great learner experience that lets you get back to the business of saving the world. 


The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance offers more than 25 courses and trainings annually through the Leaderosity public site. These courses were created in partnership with many of our sector’s most well-respected thought leaders and capacity-building organizations such as Independent Sector and 501(c) Services.

Featuring a wide range of nonprofit leadership and management topics such as effective staff supervision, fundraising strategy and ethical leadership, the courses are highly-effective at building the leadership capacity of nonprofit staff and volunteers. Also available is the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance’s nationally-recognized leadership development program, the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential.

Take advantage of discounted course prices by purchasing a Leaderosity subscription. For as little as $5,000 annually all of your staff and volunteers receive a 20% discount off all course offerings. 





Technology Solutions

Content Development

White Label Branding

  • State-of-the art learning management system
  • Peer engagement through a unique communities platform
  • Recognition of achievements through digital badging
  • Technical support for both learners and administrators

Select from our inventory of nonprofit management and leadership courses...Or let us create something uniquely you.

Nonprofit Management and Leadership Topics
Advocacy; Alliances; Building High-Performing Teams; Change Leadership; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Ethics and Accountability; Financial Management; Fund Development; Governance; Growth Mindset; HR; Staff Supervision; Marketing; Organizational Culture; Program Development and Evaluation; Risk Mitigation; Strategy; Systems; Volunteer Management (and much more)

Leaderosity remains invisible in your organization’s learning environment. Extend and bolster your brand through every user experience.


Case Studies


Whether you are a small organization running a fellowship program or a large, national nonprofit with thousands of staff and volunteers, Leaderosity provides a membership level that works with your budget.


Watch this short video to learn what we mean by the “Power of Know.”

Leaderosity offers a full suite of services...free your resources to pursue your mission rather than supporting an in-house training capacity.


“The CNP Workforce Program was incredibly useful in filling in the gaps and allowing me to understand the big picture. The material was informative and strikingly relevant. Thanks to this program, I have been promoted twice in the past two years!”

Michael McGrath, CNP, Director, Office of the President & Strategic Initiatives at Volunteers of America

Join the growing list of organizations who have embraced the “Power of Know” and are experiencing exceptional results.


The State of Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector

As many as 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 each day in the U.S.; in the nonprofit sector specifically, 67% of Baby Boomers in leadership positions plan to retire within the next five years. At the same time, nonprofit sector hiring is expected to outpace private sector hiring over the next five years. If current trends continue, the sector will need to replace every existing senior executive position within the next eight years (read more). 

Leaderosity and the Power of Know

Leaderosity was created in 2014 by a group of visionaries – capacity-building organizations and funders who joined forces to provide a solution to the growing leadership crisis facing nonprofit organizations.

A program of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, Leaderosity is an online learning platform with a goal of democratizing leadership training by providing highly-engaging and effective online leadership development courses and communities at a lower cost of time and money for comparable in-person experiences. Leaderosity provides a rich environment for social purpose professionals to develop their skills, build their networks and challenge their mindsets.

Can Online Education Be Effective?

We are glad you asked! According to the Department of Education, learning outcomes for students who engage in online learning exceed those of students receiving face-to-face instruction (Yates, 2010). This is because online learning (done right) supports many learning modalities. By allowing students to learn based on their unique learning styles, online training is highly-effective at addressing the identified learning outcomes.

Our Impact

For typical online (non-credit) courses, completion rates are well below 20%. For massive online learning courses, the completion rate is abysmal, hovering at or below 7% (Parr, Chris, 2013). In contrast, the average course completion rate for Leaderosity courses is more than 80%, four times the national average.

About Leaderosity’s Tech Solutions

Leaderosity’s state-of-the-art Learning Management System was built with the adult learner in mind. Here are a few key features:

  • ADA compliant
  • Seamless use of multimedia
  • Visually-appealing and intuitive interface
  • Learner engagement throughout
  • Mobile-first technology

Leaderosity also offers a communities platform and digital badging solutions.

How Is Leaderosity Funded?

Leaderosity receives support from foundation and corporate funders. We also charge a fee to Talent Development Partners, the organizations using Leaderosity as a talent development solution. Learn more about our fee schedule here. 

Creating high-performing teams is the goal of all social-impact organizations. Our sector’s pace of change demands it.

Every organization must wield “the power of know” to build staff leadership skills, motivate volunteers and achieve better mission outcomes. 

Visit our catalog to see the upcoming courses.

Sample Subscription

Annual Subscriber

Fee = $5,000

What’s Included: Online training center that includes a landing page, learner dashboard and up to five courses (all branded to your organization); 50 user seats; learner registration; facilitator trainings; learner and admin tech support; analytics and reporting

Additional User Seats = $3-$25/user (based on quantity)

One-Time Course Development 

Fee = $8,000

What’s Included: Instructional design services for one course (20 learner contact hours)

Additional User Seats = $3-$25/user (based on quantity)

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"We set out to create a training that would provide consistency while setting the tone for the rest of the three-part certification and an exciting jumping-off point for our volunteers. We also wanted it to be easy for the end-user. Something where we didn't have to jump through hoops, and there was not a lot of additional labor for our team. We needed someone who could develop the training, quiz participants on their learning, and answer questions. We 100 percent got that."

Andrea Watson, Team Leader Camping Services, Boy Scouts of America

Nearly 1,000 people went through the training in the first five months

"There were several times when we started feeling like this project would be too ambitious. The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance took the time and care to really discuss the functions of Leaderosity and what the time commitment looked like. All the things we thought would be too overwhelming were not anymore. And the things we thought would take weeks took only hours."

Mareeha Niaz, Associate, Independent Sector

Making online content more accessible and impactful for nonprofit leaders