Leaderosity provides a rich environment for social impact leaders to develop their skills, build their networks and challenge their mindsets.

The Leaderosity Suite is an online learning platform created to democratize leadership training by providing highly engaging and effective online leadership development courses.  

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Knowing is Power

Since 2018, we have been building a dynamic and robust platform to host professional development offerings. We work with partner organizations to develop customized content specifically for their constituents, convert their existing face-to-face content to a virtual environment, or reach more participants by hosting their meetings and conferences virtually.

Nonprofit Focus

Leaderosity is specifically designed for nonprofits by a nonprofit. We understand the nuances of your business and where these differences matter most.

Completion Rates

Our proprietary design creates an engaging experience that most learners still do not believe is possible. Completion rates on the Leaderosity platform are above 85%, where the industry average for similar programs is less than 20%.

Shared Cost

The business design for Leaderosity is based on an economy of scale. The Alliance holds high volume licenses for premier online platforms. This allows us to buy in bulk and share the savings with all of our nonprofit clients.

The Solution

Leaderosity Offers a Unique Solution in Several Critical Areas

Leaderosity Solution Suite

Content Development

Select from our inventory of nonprofit management and leadership courses...Or let us create something uniquely you.

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Technology Solutions

Learning Management System (LMS)

Communities Platform

* Virtual Event Platform * 

Digital Badging

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Technical Support

White Label Branding

Leaderosity remains invisible in your organization’s learning environment. Extend and bolster your brand through every user experience.

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