Invest in yourself and your future. With the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential, you’ll gain the skills and tools to accelerate your career, set yourself apart from the competition, and be an asset at any organization.

No need to sign on at any specific time. Our six-month virtual program was designed with busy professionals in mind.
Get valuable nonprofit management skills at a fraction of the cost of other virtual or graduate programs.
Strong Network
Gain access to a network of 10,500+ powerful, well-connected nonprofit professionals who are making an impact in the world.
Learn From the Best
All courses are taught by seasoned nonprofit professionals with real-world experience.
Stand Out
You'll receive a national credential that can be easily uploaded to LinkedIn and other digital platforms. 
We Work With You
Whether you're looking for your employer to sponsor you or interested in a monthly payment plan, we'll help you find the right option for you.

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The next cohort starts September 14, 2020. 


"The instructors were great, they made the learning process smooth for me… The program was well thought out with a lot of learning from real time events."

Flavia Davids, CNP, Director of Human Resources, Volunteers of America Alaska

The CNP Credential Program offered by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is a completely virtual leadership program created for emerging leaders working in the nonprofit sector. Once you successfully complete the program, you will be joining an elite network of social-impact leaders. 

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CNPs are seven times more likely to reach a Director-level or higher position.

CNP graduates get access to a network of 3,500 local and national nonprofits.


CNP grads are up to two years ahead of their peers in terms of career preparation and skills


We understand that juggling a full-time career with your daily responsibilities, and then adding in a new leadership training program can be challenging! By offering classes virtually, in a flexible timeframe, we are able to not only accommodate busy professionals, but offer this valuable credential at a substantially reduced rate.

Why the CNP Credential Program?

We work with amazing people at amazing organizations:

Course Curriculum

Management and Leadership 

Marketing & Communications

Fundraising & Resource Development

Cultural Competency & Diversity

Budgeting & Financial Management

Governance & Volunteer Management

Designing Programs for Long Term Sustainability 

Trends & Innovation

If you have your CFRE certificate, you may be exempt from some program requirements.

The $1,700 one-time fee includes all course materials and credentialing fees. Students also receive one registration for Elevate—a virtual conference.

The next cohort starts July 13, 2020.

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Monthly Payments with Affirm at Checkout

Pay as low as $299.85 per month
Based on the purchase price of $1700 at 10% APR of 6 months 

Become a Certified Nonprofit Professional, 100% virtual

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the benefit of participating in the CNP credential program? 

Being an effective leader is not just about accumulating knowledge. It is critical that you also have the opportunity to apply that knowledge. This is what makes the CNP credential program so unique. You will have the opportunity to test your knowledge and build your leadership capacity through a variety of activities. The end result? CNPs are 7x more likely to rise to a leadership position than their peers!

2) Once I enroll, how long before I start the program?

You will have access to the program on the day of the start date. 

3) How many hours a week can I expect readings and other program tasks to take?

The program takes 3 hours per week -- it could take less or more time, based on your familiarity with the content. The format is very flexible, and allows you to fast-track through areas where you have greater knowledge or experience. 

4) Do you have to log into the platform at certain times of the day or week?

No. All coursework may be completed on your schedule, but all assignments and exams must be completed by the end of the six-month program. 

5) Is there any continuing education required after I complete the program?

No – this is similar to getting a degree or certificate, so it’s not something you need to renew once you receive the credential. That said, we do encourage you to continue learning and growing!

The next cohort starts September 14, 2020.